"To be an actor, you have to be a child."-- Paul Newman Photo by Miles Feldsott

In NeverLAnd you don’t have to look around too hard to spot those affected by the Peter Pandemic.  Michael Jackson wasn’t the only one.  The town is filled with Lost (Angeles) Boys and Girls who’ve run away from home, who like to hang out and get high on fairy dust, and who nourish themselves with happy thoughts:  like star trailers and pool parties in the Hollywood Hills.   These lost boys and girls are so afraid of growing up, that the most taboo question you can ask at a stranger at a dinner party is: “How old are you?”  Try it.  Most will look at you as if you’ve just asked them details about their morning bowel movement.  Especially actors.  We don’t want to grow up; we work in Playhouses.  And who does?  Not when getting older is associated with wrinkles, sagging skin, erectile dysfunction and general crabbiness?

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But life isn’t a fairytale.  In this real life NeverLAnd resistance to growing up does not change the fact that we are all still growing older.  And if that’s the case, doesn’t it behoove of us to grow wiser as well?  But it seems the wisest among us become thriving adults without ever taking adulthood too seriously.  And all the while playing the ultimate game of tug of war.…  Constantly moving forward while holding on firmly to the kid inside.  Peter Pan may have been on to something.  In your life and in your art… Sometimes its okay to just GO OUT and PLAY.   Photographer Miles Feld and actress Diarra Kilpatrick tackle fantasy and acting philosophies in this weeks photo story.

“When you stand on stage, you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen.”– Stella Adler

“To live would be an awfully big adventure.”– Peter Pan

“In the creative process there is the father, the author of the play; the mother, the actor pregnant with the part; and the child, the role to be born”  –Stanislavski

“I’ll teach you to jump on the wind’s back and away we go.”– Peter Pan

“Acting is simple, joyous, care-free fun!  Acting is child’s play” — Michael Shurtleff

“I’m youth.  I’m joy”–  Peter Pan

“If you catch me saying ‘I’m a serious actor’, I beg you to slap me.”– Johnny Depp

“I am the best there ever was… Oh the cleverness of me.”– Peter Pan

“Never forget acting is a big fat trick we play on the audience.”– William H Macy

“Every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe in fairies,’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.” –Peter Pan

“Acting should be bigger than life.  Scripts should be bigger than life.  It should all be bigger than life.” — Bette Davis

“Laughter is timeless.  Imagination has no age.  And dreams are forever.”– Peter Pan

“Acting can be fun. Don’t let it get around.”– Stanford Meisner

“Acting is a nice childish profession– pretending your someone else and, at the same time, selling yourself.”– Katharine Hepburn

“Since I was little, this is my favorite place to come”–Peter Pan