I used to be depressed until I came to Italy to eat gelato.

Never much cared for the movie Eat, Pray, Love:   Well- off, white woman is unhappy.  She feels unfulfilled by life and by her handsome husband who just loves her too much or something; so she curls up on the bathroom floor and cries about it.   In hopes of curing her angst and lack of fulfillment, she flees to India to meditate with monks, drinks wine as a complement to pizza in Italy and screws Javier Bardiem in Bali.  Not so surprisingly, by the end of the flick she perks the fuck up.  Duh.  Is this fix- your- life trip available for people with real problems?  I’m sure there’s a non white woman living in the Bronx with three kids, three jobs and a cancer diagnosis who  would love to drop it all to seek enlightenment  in an Indonesian love nest.  Instead she’s smashed between two assholes on the 6 train.  What then?  Maybe before the credits rolled they should have given a few tips for getting your spirituality on– on a budget.   BUT, maybe the movie dumbed everything down and I should have just read the BOOK.   Because author of the Eat, Pray, Love (the book)  Elizabeth Gilbert seems to be much more complex and down to earth than the movie based on her might suggest.  Check out her talk  on nurturing creativity.  It’s a must see for ARTISTS.  Peace and Love–  Blacktress World

P.S.  And btw if  anyone  out there is actually looking for tips for getting their spirituality on– on a budget, here’s one:  Be grateful.  There’s a gift in everything.